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Specialized Services

We assist on professionally written and presented resumes to get a marginal lead over other candidates in your desired position. We can also coach you in your career so you can can achieve greater heights.

Executive Placement

We match great talents with the most prestigious companies. We make sure both ends are satisfied, equally benefiting from the each other and happy. Send us a message and we might just have the right company for you.


Our forte is finding the talents that will best suit particular roles in IT, Marketing, Administration and Sales. Visit of Vacancy page for the latest talent acquisition possibilities.


About Human Ventures

Human Ventures was established to help people, more specifically international professionals who immigrated in Netherlands and are looking for a job. Majority of the companies under project with Human Ventures uses English as the primary operation language. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to use and optimize their skills despite being in a new country with a different language.

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